Bed Bug Precautionary Service

Avoid bed bug infestations before they begin.

Treatment within 5 days

We work on a first-come, first-served basis. Your home will be treated in less than a week.

Total Bed Bug Removal

Our treatment protocols are proven. We have the best guaranteed in the industry.

Best customer satisfaction

We will be there for you from preparation to post-treatment.


Save money, time, and energy with the best value bed bug exterminator in Dallas / Fort Worth.

24/7 Availability and Support

Our lines are open at any time of the day. We are available when you have questions.  


You are protected against re-infestations with our 6-month extended warranty.

Precautionary service bed bug infestation

How to prevent bed bug infestations

Bed bug infestations don’t start with hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of pesky critters. Instead, each infestation can be traced to just a few bugs. We recommend that you take concrete steps that will help you ensure these few bugs die quickly. You can do something to prevent them from reproducing and becoming a big problem that bites hard!

Preventing bed bug infestations is often as simple as utilizing the following:

  • Mattress Encasements
  • Residual Treatment in wall voids
  • Residual Treatment in bed frames
  • Deadfall Traps
  • Active Monitoring

Every homeowner should have preventative measures in place. Landlords should take action to preserve their investment and protect themselves from tenant problems by requiring ALL tenants to put in place effective bed bug prevention measures.

Learn more about our bed bug precautionary service here.

Tools to prevent bed bugs

ActiveGuard Mattress Liner

You are familiar with mosquito nets. This mattress liner is similar it is a treated fabric that is installed on the bottom of your box spring. When bed bugs come in contact with it it they die. Let’s say you bring bed bugs home with you from an overseas trip– the bugs crawl out of your suitcase follow your heat and smell and come looking for a blood meal. The only way to get to you is by first crawling over the liner on the box spring!

Mattress Encasements

Mattresses are expensive. Protect your investment with a high quality mattress encasement. A mattress encasement will not only protect your mattress from bed bugs, but also dust mites, allergens, liquid spills and stains.

Residual Treatments in Wall Void

If you live in a condo or an apartment with shared walls the application of residual products is essential. Unfortunately, you cannot control what happens in your neighbors unit. But, by hiring a professional bed bug exterminator for a precautionary bed bug treatment you can be confident their bugs won’t become your bugs!

Residual Treatment in Bed Frames

Bed bugs got their name because they are usually found on or near beds. Treating the cracks and crevices of your bed frame will make it nearly impossible for them to establish a population.

Bed Bug Traps and Active Monitoring

Bed bugs got their name because they are usually found on or near beds. Treating the cracks and crevices of your bed frame will make it nearly impossible for them to establish a population.


Our proven treatment solutions

We understand bed bugs more than anyone else. We have the experience, the knowledge and equipment to get the job right and done. For four years, we have treated hundreds of homes through a heat treatment that guarantees the elimination of bed bugs in all of its life stages. Other pest control companies outsource their bed bug extermination services to us to ensure such pests are completely exterminated and will not come back.

Bed Bug Precautionary Service

Best Value at $495!


Effective against a wide variety of pests

Recommended service when you’re uncertain if the pest you’re dealing with are bed bugs or not.


Localized treatment

Localized heat and steam treatment in places where pests are commonly found.


Prevent future infestations

Our precautionary service is sure to eliminate bed bugs before they spread into other parts of your home.

Other Treatment Solutions

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Exterminate bed bugs in one visit!

Chemical treatment

Conventional bed bug treatment that takes 2-3 visits to eliminate bed bugs.

Bio-Pesticide Treatment

Eliminate bed bugs without harsh chemicals and pesticides.

Vehicle Treatment

High temperature steaming and application of residual products to eliminate bed bugs in your vehicle.

Preparation for a bed bug treatment

A bed bug bio-pesticide treatment requires some level of preparation on your part. You’ll be given a free preparation guide with clear and easy-to-follow instructions prior to the treatment service. Some of the content of the preparation guide and after-service instructions are provided below.

You’ll also be receiving a copy of this preparation guide in your email immediately upon signing the service agreement. 

We are happy to answer any questions you might have related to preparing for a bed bug bio-pesticide treatment.

Bed bug exterminator vehicle
About Us

More about HeatRx

We are pest control professionals who specialize in bed bug extermination. With us, you have the option to solve your bed bug infestation without using harsh chemicals. We are highly motivated bed bug exterminators.  Our professional team of bed bug exterminators is discreet and patient. 

Become bed bug free in three easy steps:

Step One

Free Inspection

A licensed bed bug inspector will come to check your home and look for any evidence of bed bugs. The inspection may take 30-60 minutes.

Step Two

Clear Preparation Guides

We’ll give you written instructions via email and brochure about what you should do while preparing for treatment. Our instructions are easy to understand and follow.

Step Three

Expert Treatment

Our team will come on time and do the necessary precautions and treatment to get rid of all the bed bugs in your home. They will spend the time required and make the effort to ensure you get the best service. The duration of the treatment varies according to the treatment of your choice.


Here’s what people say about us:

For over four years, HeatRx have treated hundreds of homes, and have hundreds of satisfied customers.

“Excellent service! Very helpful, and answered all of our many questions with patience and expertise. Wonderful.“

by Carrol R.

“Professional. Efficient. Knowledgable. A great first customer touchpoint! I’m in customer satisfaction at an enterprise tech company, so great service is very important, and easy to recognize in James.“

– James N.

“We discovered that our new house had bed bugs 3 weeks after moving in. We were frustrated and were considering doing self treatment, but ultimately made the right decision by turning to HeatRx. They are not the cheapest option, but they are by far the best value.“

Claire W.

“Brennan was on time, courteous, and knowledgeable. He explained the treatment process and was helpful in providing suggestions for future maintenance. Will definitely recommend HeatRx.“

– Archana H.

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We are your local and trusted bed bug exterminator

Our bed bug extermination and free inspection services are now available in various cities and communities in Henderson, Dallas, Fortworth, and other nearby areas. Our team looks forward to treating your home and making your place bed bug free.

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